R-Tex Services LLC will comply with all the necessary State and Governmental Regulations.

The Project Safety Rules are an Integral part of these rules and shall be Observed at all times.

All Safety Rules and Regulations required by the Occupational and Health Administration (OSHA) will be obeyed on every jobsite and by every Employee.

Although R-Tex Services LLC policies and procedures are in compliance with or exceed current Occupational Safety & Health requirements, they do not take precedence over Federal or State OSHA Regulations nor are they required to exceed legislated regulations. Managers, Workers and Sub-Contractors must ensure they operate within the rules and regulations governing their specific place of operations.

Employees are informed of our written Health and Safety Policies as Follows:

  • During their New Hire Employee Orientation they complete an (8) hour Safety Training Class
  • Every Employee Take Quarterly & Annual Safety Refresher Classes.
  • During Periodic Safety Meetings
  • Through Postings on Bulletins Boards
  • Directly From His or Her Supervisor

Compliance with all Federal and State Laws and R-Tex Services Health Safety & Environmental Rules is mandatory.Remember , Government Regulations are Law. If the Company, its Workers or Sub-Contractors fail to comply with the Regulations, the Officers of the Company and/or Sub-Contractors, Supervisors or Workers will be held accountable and maybe prosecuted. Thus maintaining a Safe Work Site is everyone's Responsibility and is in your best interest. Observe the Law and Work Safety. Everyone is Counting On You.

R-Tex Services, LLC is also in compliance with U.S. Labor Department's Mine Safety and Health Administration. We ensure that all Management, Supervisors, Workers and Sub-Contractors are trained in the Health and Safety compliance rules, therefore that helps to reduce deaths, injuries and illness among our Employees & Sub-Contractors.

R-Tex utilizes Veriforce because we believe that records and reporting are very important, and they offer a variety of Proven Compliance Solutions such as:

  • Help In Designing Training Programs & Curricula
  • Deliver Training Programs that are Instructor led, self-paced and web-based.
  • Construct and Administer training test/exams.
  • Report training that R-Tex Services employees have taken and monitor Re-Training that needs to be done.

Veriforce reporting is done through web-base database (Veriforce), they maintain a the full audit trail to support that qualification which includes:

  • Record Of Evaluations - Documentation to support evaluator credentials and keep all auditing history related to that qualification.

Veriforce also allows your personnel & contractor's access to reporting/analysis features that include:

  • Looking Up Of Qualification Data By A Contractor Company Name - Individual's Name or By Covered Task.
  • Looking Up Of Evaluator Data.
  • Tracking/Recording, Soon to Expire Qualifications , Suspended Qualifications, Revoked Qualifications & Disqualifications.
  • Field Verification Tools & Training Data - "Approved and Non-Approved Vendor Data along with a variety of other customized reports.