Environmental Assessment

R-Tex Services, LLC., provides many services, among them we offer a complete Environmental consulting services. Our service includes Phase I Site Assessments, Radius search with Electronic Risk Determination, Phase II Reports and access to the most immediate and comprehensive environmental database including flood plain, soil type, physical setting, and USGS Topographic Maps. We also furnish Regulatory reports for your next project.

Our due diligence services for transactions in the oilfield will help identify significant liabilities. We also will conduct Baseline Studies on oilfield-related properties prior to companies starting operations on a lease, in order to help prevent the client from being held responsible for existing contamination from previous oil well drilling, production and support services activities. We have conducted these types of assessments on several oil and gas well sites.

R-Tex Services, LLC., strives to provide Phase I environmental site assessments which conform to the American Society for testing and materials (ASTM) standard and the US EPA . Our Phase I ESA's typically include Walkthroughs - Aerial Photos Document Reviews - Chemical Use Review - Storage Records (State-County & Local) - Interviews ETC. We try to provide our Customers with all the pertinent information they should need to make intelligent investment decisions.

We also utilize common sense, along with applicable ASTM and industry guidelines, to identify environmental conditions which may effect property valves and development options.

The purpose of a Phase II Environmental Report is to determine the presence, or absence of, petroleum products or hazardous waste in the subsurface of the site. When designing a Phase II ESA, the most important information necessary is:

  • Areas Of Concern
  • Chemicals of Concern
  • Local Geology
  • Site Access Issues

Some of the typical methods used most often during Phase II Environmental Testing For groundwater & soil samples are:


  • Hand Auger
  • Test Pits By Shovel For Shallow Sampling
  • Hydraulic push that minimizes waste-soil Cuttings & is good for Shallow Sampling
  • Backhoe For Trenching
  • Truck Mounted Open-Flight Hollow Stem Auger
  • Mud-Rotary or Air-Rotary DrillingDirectional & Horizontal Drilling


  • Installation Of Pilot Borings
  • Installation Of Monitoring Wells
  • Installation Of Extraction Wells
  • Pump Test
  • Ground Water Modeling
  • Geophysical, Logging and Sieve-Analysis Engineered Sandpacks & Screening

Nothing can replace hands on experience working in the oil and gas fields to provide real world handling of environmental issues that can arise due to historic well drilling activities. Environmental assessments of oil and gas fields are unique, and should be managed by a geologist or engineer with extensive experience in this area of expertise.

R-Tex Services LLC., Promise is for our clients to receive thorough and technically sound assessments for decision making to meet complex environmental regulations, policies and any other challenges.