• R-Tex’s Civil Group can deliver even the most complex projects, on time, and within budget.
  • Through the combination of technology and proven experience, our customers have come to rely on R-Tex to deliver their projects time after time.
  • From Power Generation Ponds to Hazardous Landfills, R-Tex’s team of professional Project Managers, Supervisors and Equipment Operators have the ability to construct even the most complex projects.
  • R-Tex’s provides Pre-Construction Budget Analysis, Estimating, Surveying, Site Preparation, Site Drainage, Erosion Control, Excavation, Backfilling, Grading and Paving Services.
  • R-Tex utilizes the latest GPS technology in all our excavation equipment to improve efficiency and accuracy on every project.
  • R-Tex plans each project with specific haul routes and cycle times to maximize equipment usage and minimize costly delays to the project schedule.