Lightning Protection

Lightning is a leading casue of weather related destruction. It causes devastating effects if taking a direct hit or simply subjected to secondary effects of nearby strikes. In addition to structural damage, it causes dangerous risks to operations, personnel or property - flammables and hazmat storage tanks, towers, tall structures, small or large facilities.

We can't stop lightning, but R-Tex Services can help to prevent the damage it causes by properly installing a Eritech Dynasphere 3000 lightning protection system. This protective system will provide a path by which this discharge can enter the earth safely, leaving building occupants and contents unharmed.

The ERITECH DYNASPHERE Enhanced Air Terminal

  • The patented ERITECH DYNASPHERE is an enchanced air terminal.
    Features include:
  • Non-Radioactive technology
  • No external power required
  • No moving parts
  • Selection of tip radii and variable impendance to adjust for optimum performance at different installation heights
  • Dynamic response to the approach of a lightning downleader

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of a lightning protection system?
A lightning protection system provides a specific route for lightning to travel around a structoure and down to the ground, providing safety for the structure and preventing damage.

Does a lightning protection system attract lightning?
No, lightning protections does not attract or deter lightning. It is simply a saftey net for the structure, providing protection and preventing lightning from destroying or damanging the structure and property.

Does a lightning protection system require maintenance?
No, maintenance is not required unless changes are made to your structure or roof. A general inspection is recommended every (1) to (5) years.

Are surge protection devices enough protection?
No, surges often enter the structure through shared utility lines and cannot offer lightning protection.Surge protection devices are an important part of a complete protection system.This in conjuction with the lightning protection working together accomplish a complete protection from damage caused by lightning.

My structure is grounded. Does that offer lightning protection?
No, grounding is to assure electrical safety and does not prevent lightning ddamage. It is only a part of the entire lightning protection system.