Turnkey Anomaly Verification Digs following ILI/PIG Runs

  • Matting-in when necessary
  • Pot holing for positive identification with a fire watch
  • Excavation with spotter in the ditch and a fire watch
  • Trench boxing when necessary with fire watch
  • Sandblasting with fire watch
  • NDE Assessment of the pipe with fire watch
  • NDE confirming ILI/PIG tool call out with fire watch
  • Welding type B full encirclement sleeve with fire watch
  • NDE Assessment of the welds with fire watch
  • Sandblast, re-coat, and jeep with fire watch
  • Backfill with fire watch
  • Cleanup and restore the land

Anomaly Verification Digs Photos

Laying Mats

Laying Mats

Pot Holing

Pot Holing

Setting Trench Box

Trench Boxes Set




Welding Sleeve

MT Welds


Anchor Profile

Re-Coating Epoxy

Jeeping Coating

Coating Thickness


Restore Land